LDS Living Magazine May/June 2024

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LDS Living Magazine May/June 2024

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LDS Living Magazine May/June 2024

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Love offers us precious moments of reprieve and joy that spur us to keep going on our walk back to our loving eternal home. And that is why the LDS Living staff is so excited about the theme for this issue: Love Well. That phrase invites us to think about how we can increase our capacity to love (see “Love Lesson from the Savior’s Parables,” p. 42, and “Hearing with Our Hearts,” p. 53). But Love Well also reminds us that we are loved so well—by earthly and heavenly angels, and, most perfectly, by God (see “Simply Always There,” p. 20, and “Shown the Sunlight,” p. 59). Our hope is that something in this issue inspires you to make space in your life for love: space to recognize it, offer it, and—perhaps most importantly—receive it. Plus, find excerpts from our best recent podcast episodes, comments from our readers, a recipe, fun facts, and more!