Ask, Seek, Find

1,000 Questions to Deepen your Scripture Study

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Ask, Seek, Find

1,000 Questions to Deepen your Scripture Study
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Ask, Seek, Find

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Enrich your understanding of the Book of Mormon with this ultimate personal study companion! Going verse by verse, Ask, Seek, Find contains 1,000 questions that inspire deeper reflections as you study the Book of Mormon. Rather than testing your knowledge of facts and doctrines, these open-ended, thought-provoking prompts will help you understand and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to your personal experience. Become enlightened as you answer questions such as When have you seen the "immediate goodness of God" recently in your life? (Mosiah 25:10) What opportunities do you have to choose light versus darkness? (Helaman 13:29) What difference does it make to know that we're created in the image of God? (Ether 3:15-16) Ideal for individual reflection, family scripture study, and Sunday school lessons, this timeless guide is the perfect companion to enrich your love for God's teachings, ponder the gospel more frequently, and become more like the Savior. Transform your life by transforming your scripture study with the help of this timeless resource.
Number of pages 96
Publisher Cedar Fort, Inc.
Size 8" x 10"